Avaya IP Office 500 v2 Phone Systems

The Avaya IP Office 500 V2 Phone System is the Number 1 small-medium business solution in the world. If you're after a great solution then Avaya IP Office v2 simply has to be on your short list. Hailing from the USA, the Avaya IP Office 500 V2 model is also aggressively priced delivering incredible value, reliability and cost saving features whether you're a small business or a large multinational.

Avaya 9601 Phone Handset

The Avaya 9601 IP phone is the entry level model in the extensive Avaya 9600 IP range. It’s designed for basic users and office locations that don’t need sophisticated functionality. For more information about the 9601 phone please read below.

Avaya 9601 Phone Handset (basic SIP phone)

The Avaya 9601 IP handset is the new entry level phone handset from the Avaya premium 9600 series IP handset range.  Although basic, and priced accordingly, it still provides users access to the everyday features they need.  The Avaya 9601 is the perfect handset for kitchens, waiting rooms, temporary desks, retail showrooms and the like.  Even though there are 9 models in the 9600 IP range the next model up, the 9608, is the most popular for the typical IP office rollout.

The new look Avaya 9601 IP handset offers a clear, easy to read monochrome display and all digital button labelling, – so the 5 programmable keys will always be correctly annotated.  The cheaper 1603 still uses paper for staff names

In spite of its everyday low price, the Avaya 9601 IP handset comes with wideband audio which offers IP users a premium, natural sounding experience.  Without wideband, on handsets or headsets, IP phones can sound less natural.

If you’re looking for a virtually identical – but less expensive non-IP version of this phone, check out the popular 9504 phone handset.  If you want to stick with IP but would like a handset with more features, take a look at the 9608 IP 9621G IP or 9641G IP.

Like all IP handsets, the 9601 IP phone is automatically recognised by the Avaya IP500 pbx phone system the moment it is plugged into an existing Ethernet port.  This makes moving staff around a breeze.  Plus, being IP, you don’t need to run a second cable to the 9601 phone and can simply piggyback your computer and phone off the one Ethernet port.

If you like the sound of the 9601, or any other Avaya IP handsets, and would like to try it for yourself, give the Infiniti team a call today.  We’d be happy to arrange a no obligation demonstration, and answer any questions you may have about finding the best phone system and handsets for your business.