4G/5G Internet Services

Traditionally, Fixed wireless technology has been used in rural areas where setting up the infrastructure for other wireless services such as DSL or Fibre is expensive given an area’s small or sparse population. However, in residential areas, 4G/5G fixed wireless modems are now also being used as a faster and cheaper alternative to the NBN.

Our technicians possess the skills and experienced required to install Fixed Wireless 4G/5G in your home or business.

Instead of using cable, fixed wireless is delivered by 4G radio signals sent from the nearest transmission tower. These signals are then captured by a built-in high gain antenna installed on a client’s roof.

Once the antenna has been installed, our technicians will then neatly run concealed cabling to connect the external antenna to your internet router, bringing you fast and reliable access to the web.

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What Does the 4G/5G Installation Process Involve?

  1. Site survey/assessment: A Total Solutions IT technician will come to your home or business to provide an onsite, no obligation quote. When assessing your location our experienced technicians will carry out an obstruction test which determines the mounting location and height to receive the best possible signal. Other things they will consider are; safely accessing your roof, mounting options, possible cable routes and the location of your Router, including options to ensure adequate WiFi.

2. Installation: We securely mount the 4G/5G equipment to the appropriate location on the property (or other suitable location) and run cabling that connects the Anteanna to the main rout4er. We will create an interior outlet (if required) near where the new router is located. Our technicians will then help you set up your new internet connection and WiFi network, Any additional WiFi products you’ve requested can be installed at the same time.

3. Assessment of efficiency: Once complete, your technician will run an internet speed test to check the download and upload speed, and to ensure that your new internet connection is fast and reliable.