Security without compromise.

We offer cyber security to protect sensitive data, prevent unauthorized access, and safeguard against cyber threats, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of your systems and information.

  • Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) Essential Eight

    The Australian Signals Directorate’s Essential Eight is a set of cyber security strategies designed to mitigate cyber threats and enhance the resilience of Australian-based systems.

  • SentinelOne EDR

    SentinelOne EDR is crucial for proactive threat detection and response, providing real-time visibility into endpoint activities to mitigate cybersecurity risks effectively.

  • Microsoft Defender for Microsoft 365

    Pivotal in securing cloud-based environments, providing robust threat protection, identity and access management, and data loss prevention.

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Governance and compliance.

Governance and compliance refer to the frameworks and processes put in place to ensure that organizations adhere to legal regulations, industry standards, and internal policies within the technology infrastructure including the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) Essential Eight.


Endpoint Detection and Reponse (EDR).

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) involves the use of specialized software to monitor and respond to security threats on individual devices, providing real-time visibility, threat detection, and remediation capabilities to protect against cyber attacks.


Microsoft Defender for Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Defender for Microsoft 365 offers comprehensive security features tailored to safeguard cloud-based environments, providing advanced threat protection, identity management, and data loss prevention to mitigate cyber risks effectively within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.


Backup and recovery.

Backup and recovery solutions are essential to protect against data loss due to system failures, cyber attacks, or human error, ensuring business continuity and minimizing downtime by enabling the restoration of critical data and applications.



Whether you need managed IT, cloud, data center, professional IT services, or a combination of these, we'll put nearly 30 years of expertise to work for your business success.

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Security Solutions Provided

Total Solutions IT provides a range of Managed Security Solutions designed to safeguard your critical IT assets and maintain the continuous operation of your business. Our Security Solutions encompass identity and access management, proactive cybersecurity measures, and responsive solutions for detection and compliance, ensuring a comprehensive approach to securing your organization.

Governance and Compliance

Total Solutions IT actively supports governance and compliance across various industries, assisting companies in meeting the standards for NIST, CMMC, ISO, and PCI compliance through the implementation of top-tier security frameworks. Collaborating closely with your company, we tailor IT policies to align with general best practices, addressing specific compliance and regulatory standards to ensure a robust and effective approach.

End-User Security Training Services

Security Training plays a pivotal role in transforming employees from potential security liabilities into the first line of defense against phishing and ransomware attacks. Our End-User Security Training Services are designed to educate and empower employees on recognizing and mitigating potential threats, fostering a proactive approach to cybersecurity within your organization.

Managed Security Operations

We assist organizations in mitigating cyber risk through our concierge-style Security Operations service. Our team of highly trained security experts seamlessly integrates with your organization, offering 24×7 monitoring, detection, and response capabilities. In addition, we provide ongoing risk management to proactively safeguard systems and data, continuously fortifying your security posture.


From step one IT Security is foremost with our approach for your IT Support services.

We can help you to secure your data and your communications. Our team of technicians will ensure that your systems remain malware-free, your data is backed up, and will implement restoration plans when necessary.

The most important component of your IT system is its security. The first rule of IT security is to have a sufficient backup system. The second rule of IT security is to have adequate protection of your systems from external threats. The third rule of IT security is to monitor incoming data for threats and identify potential risks.

Without backups, even a tiny issue with your computer system can mean massive data loss for your business. Natural disaster, fire, theft, viruses, misuse, and accidental deletion of data won’t interrupt your business processes if you have an effective backup solution.



The Tools You Need For Proactive Threat Management

Electronic Information Systems provide organizations with productivity benefits that unfortunately also can introduce a whole new set of risks and threats.  The more we depend on our technology to manage important information that represents the lifeblood of the organization, the greater the risk.

Many people think that hardware is their primary IT asset. However, unless you can access and maintain the integrity of your data, the hardware is useless.  The data is the reason you have your IT in the first place.

Total Solutions IT offers a variety of Managed Network Security Services to help ensure that you can continue to work and protect your most important IT assets in a safe and productive fashion.

Our Solution

Patch Management

Sadly, applications and operating systems are filled with flaws that companies like Microsoft and Adobe are always attempting to address with constant patches and updates.  But unless someone is looking out for these fixes proactively, you could find yourself with vulnerabilities on your PCs and Servers that you had no idea existed.  Total Solutions IT helps alleviate these concerns and minimize the risks of data breaches and downtime that could come as a result of a vulnerability being exploited by proactively patching and updating your core software using our best-in-breed Patch Management tools.

Web Filtering

Browsing the web can be dangerous, even when you think you are going to trusted sites.  Often times, URLs are hijacked to redirect you elsewhere, or coding on a site is weak leading to a virus being implanted within the site itself.  Or maybe staff is abusing web privileges by going to dangerous sites for fun that ultimately put your network security at risk.  Total Solutions IT offers a robust Web Filtering package that can control what sites your organization can visit and block sites that can potentially be hazardous.

Managed Antivirus

There are many effective Antivirus products in the marketplace, but who is making sure that you have the latest version or are using the most current and sophisticated virus definitions?  Or more importantly, do you even know if your Antivirus product is running as it should on all of your PCs and Servers?  For our clients, we offer state of the art Antivirus applications that are proactively managed by our support team. You can be assured that your Antivirus solution is modern and effective, rather than relying on off the shelf products that are unmanaged and often ignored.

Documentation and Passwords Management

IT Documentation & Password Management

Documentation and Password management can easily become an items of neglect, Documentation is often a tedious process and no one wants to do.

Passwords can often find them self on post it notes and are often not changed regularly. As a result they can themselves become a security issue.

The management of your internal IT documentation is of critical importance and so at Total Solutions IT as part of the on-boarding process, an extensive list of documentation will be put together to ensure all required information is at the finger tips of the people that require it the most.

This means when support services are required all of the relevant information that is required it ready to go and available.

This is no guessing of network topology and layouts and all required information regarding each managed endpoint is easily available

Our Solution

By extensively using the documentation system from IT Glue, Total Solutions IT is able to ensure all relevant information is available when required.

We are able to also give the Client access to this information to help ensure Both sides are on the same page for all credentials and documentation items in the business.

Features of IT Glue are as follows

  • Structured Documentation

    IT Glue provides a documentation framework that is utilized by thousands of MSPs, offering you the most trusted and optimal way of organizing your clients’ information to effectively service them.

  • Relationship Mapping

    Zero degrees of separation. Link related items together, so that all the information you need is at your fingertips.

  • Secure Password Management

    Secure your world with an immutable audit trail and next-generation password management engine, which is fully integrated and linked with all of your documentation.

  • Enterprise-Grade Security

    With features like SOC 2 compliance, our secure password vault, access control, and more, you can have confidence in the security of your information.


Desktop & Server Security

The security of your data is vital to protecting your business from data loss, loss of intellectual property, and keeping unauthorised eyes away from your data.

Malware is any type of software developed by attackers that exists to harm your computer or server. This can include viruses such as Trojan Horses, spyware, adware, and worms. Trojan Horses often pretend to be other legitimate software (usually in emails). Spyware sends data in the background to the attacker’s computer to steal business information and customer data. Adware creates popups and redirects in your browser and on your computer that can take to malicious sites. Worms can copy themselves across your network and affect all of your machines.

A robust and proven anti-malware software solution is essential in any business that uses computers. No matter the size of your business, or even if you only have one computer. It is simply not worth the risk to leave your customer and business-sensitive data exposed.

Our Solution

We stand by Bitdefender for ongoing protection of both desktop and server architectures.

Bitdefender allows IT administrators to remotely manage the security deployment from a cloud-based console. This allows us to manage policies, threat levels, deployments – all from one place, enabling us to manage your security without interrupting your work day, or gaining access to your systems.

Bitdefender offers your business:

  • Always up-to-date virus definitions (managed from the cloud and pushed to devices).
  • Unobtrusive updates of the Bit defender client.
  • Real-time updates.
  • Website filtering.
  • Stateful packet inspection (SPI) firewall.
  • Anti-spyware.
  • Real-time file scanning.
  • Affordable small monthly fee per machine.


We also use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to supplement Bit defender superior protection. Malwarebytes is run manually by us once per month as part of monthly server maintenance, and provides a second opinion to Bitdefender’s real-time scanning.

Malwarebytes enables us to ensure that Bitdefender is working properly, scan deeper for files, scan for adware and rootkits.

IT Security
Network Security


Email Security

Email security protects your business against spam, attachment viruses, and phishing attacks.

Spam is any unsolicited email. Most often, spam tries to get you to visit a site and obtain information from you. Our spam filtering software solution identifies most spam items by analyzing patterns and an extensive catalogue of blocked email domains, and ensures that spam is blocked before it reaches your network.

Attachment viruses are the most common way for viruses to enter your system. Particularly when email clients are configured to preview attachments, malicious code can be embedded into an email to attack your system. Our anti-malware email filtering solution blocks emails with potentially malicious attachments.

Phishing attacks are targeted emails that intend to get your personal information. They work by impersonating a bank, or other reliable online server, and asking your for information. They can be difficult to distinguish from the real thing. Our anti-phishing filtering solution identifies fake domains, and analyses content to identify phishing patterns to block malicious email before it gets to your computer.


Our Solution

SpamHero is our go-to solution for your email security. It is one of the most sophisticated and well-maintained service for email filtering on the market.

With SpamHero, your emails are re-routed through SpamHero’s cloud-based filtering servers before they even touch your network. This means that malicious messages don’t even reach your network before they are detected. Ordinary anti-spam software still needs to rely on the viruses and other malware to first enter your system, which is in itself a security risk. With your hosted exchange, cloud-based email security is your best bet against unwanted emails that can damage your system.

Features of SpamHero email security:

  • Self-Learning

    The system learns new patterns as they emerge, ensuring you have protection against zero-day attacks.

  • Encryption

    Emails retained in cloud servers are encrypted to protect your data.

  • Data Loss Prevention

    Undeliverable mail is stored on the server until it can be delivered. If your hosted Exchange server goes down, if you run out of hard drive space, or if your system is attacked, your emails will still be stored in the cloud, waiting to be delivered.

  • Predictive Analysis

    Able to detect new and sophisticated targeted attacks through detailed analysis.

  • Link Following

    Protects against phishing attacks by following URLs and from domains to detect the actual source of the message.

The Benefits

  • Peace of Mind

    You can rest easy knowing that your systems are protected by proven technology.

  • Unobtrusive

    No software at all is installed on your computers or servers systems – it all runs in the cloud between the sender and your servers.

  • Predictable Costs

    SpamHero is purchased as a monthly subscription.

  • Increased Employee Productivity

    You are not bombarded with any unsolicited email during your work day.

  • Better Privacy

    Your emails are safe from external attackers and prying eyes.


Backup & Recovery

Backups are the first rule for maintaining system security. No system should ever operate without at least an on-site backup on external media. There are many threats to the integrity and availability of your data:

  • Accidental deletion of files
  • Fire
  • Viruses
  • Hackers
  • Accidental deletion of files
  • Fire
  • Viruses
  • Hackers
  • Insecure passwords
  • Hard drive failure
  • System crash
  • Targeted attacks
  • Ransomware
  • ‘Acts of God’
  • Other hardware failure
  • File corruption

Windows Server backup

Windows Server Backup is included with your Windows Server installation. It is the lowest-cost backup solution that we implement, as there are no additional costs other than management and setup. It offers a number of basic backup features:

  • Scheduled backups
  • Fine-grained file choosing
  • Integrated backup of hosted Hyper-V Servers (snapshots)
  • System state backups

There are a few downsides to using Windows Server Backup:

  • Can only be recovered to the same hardware in the event of a total failure.
  • Only limited support for off-site shared storage.
  • Not available for older versions of Windows Server.

MSP Backup

MSP Backup is our preferred cloud-based backup solution for your business. Available for both desktops and servers, it ensures peace of mind that your data is stored and archived in the cloud, ready for when you need it restored. We often deploy MSP Backup in conjunction with Windows Server Backup to supplement the backups with a file history and archive that is stored in the cloud. Essential for business-critical data that absolutely cannot be lost.

  • Scheduling: Can be run daily, weekly, or monthly – depending on your backup reqirements.
  • Multi-Platform: MSP Backup works with Windows, Macintosh OS X and Linux desktops, as well as servers. Additional powerful options are available for server environments.
  • ‘Set and Forget’: Once configured, there is nothing much that we need to do to ensure your files are being backed up. MSP Backup automatically backs up new and changed files, and even currently-open files that are being worked on. Even Outlook mail files.
  • Bandwidth Capping: If your site has limited uploads and downloads, we can restrict MSP Backup to work within those limits.
  • Additional Server Options: Backs up databases, Exchange settings and mailboxes, Linux, SharePoint, NAS , and common business applications on Windows Server.

Benefits of Our Solutions

  • Peace of Mind: You can rest easy knowing that your systems are protected by proven technology.
  • Unobtrusive: Our backup solutions are designed to not get in your way, and protect your data in the background.
  • Predictable Costs: Both ShadowProtect and MozyPro are fixed-fee services. Windows Server Backup is included in your Windows Server installation.
  • Reduced Costs: In the event of a system failure, or significant data loss, having good backups can reduce the restoration costs and, most importantly, keep your business flowing.
  • Remote Monitoring: Our server maintenance package means that we will periodically monitor the status and success of your backup system.
  • Fast Response: In the event of data loss, your backup solution will have you covered and back online quickly.


Total Solutions IT uses leading-edge technologies and infrastructure to deliver a quality service to our clients. This enables us to deliver high-performing, reliable, and secure solutions.

Our on-demand support team is reactive, knowledgeable, and ready to help at any time of the day. We offer 24/7 support for all of our clients. Our managed-it team also works to ensure that your systems are running at 100% and any problems are anticipated and dealt with before they happen.

We can ensure that your systems are always available to you by offering desktop and laptop repair at low cost. We understand that a system failure should not get in the way of your productivity.

Our team of network engineers and support technicians know how your system works. When there is a problem on your network, or with your servers, we can get you back up to speed in no time. Existing systems are also catered for by our team, and we work hard to optimise your network and server infrastructure for your business needs.