Managed Services that reduce downtime and enhance productivity

Total Solutions IT delivers specialized on-site IT assistance to businesses throughout Australia, alongside remote support through our fully operational helpdesk. Our team comprises certified and seasoned technicians, ensuring you receive efficient, top-tier support precisely when you require it.

We provide on-site and remote IT support delivered by certified technicians, covering server, network, and Office 365 assistance. As a leading IT support provider, we maintain a national presence to meet your IT needs effectively.

  • Highly skilled and accredited team

    Ensuring efficient support services for your organisation.

  • Backed by tier 1 tool sets

    Utilising industry standard tools to ensure efficient remote monitoring and management

  • Local Support

    Our team is located in Albury Wodonga, providing support service and local, national and international clients.

IT Solutions

Collaborate with Total Solutions IT to craft, deploy, and oversee your IT solution. Our solutions are designed to fuel your success, foster growth, and ensure business continuity by equipping your team with cutting-edge technology. We provide a diverse array of IT solutions, encompassing Cloud, Networking, WiFi, and Server infrastructure solutions, all supported by top-tier Managed IT Services.

If your current IT solution falls short of meeting your business’s competitive needs and growth aspirations, reach out to a Total Solutions IT consultant to explore enhancements for your systems.


Services include:

  • Windows Server

  • Microsoft 365

  • Office 365

  • Azure

  • Cloud

IT Services

Total Solutions IT stands as a premier IT services provider, centrally headquartered in Albury-Wodonga, extending our expertise across Australia. Our comprehensive suite of on-site and remote IT services encompasses server installations, network setups, Office 365 integration, and Managed IT Services.

In delivering IT services nationwide, our certified and seasoned technicians and engineers at Total Solutions IT are dedicated to delivering industry-leading IT service and support, ensuring your business receives the highest quality of assistance.


Whether you need managed IT, cloud, data center, professional IT services, or a combination of these, we'll put nearly 30 years of expertise to work for your business success.

If you’re looking for...

- World-Class Managed IT Services

- Proven IT Business Strategies

- Support from a Leading Tech Partner


Our Managed IT services mean that your business can enjoy peace of mind with all aspects of your IT systems. This package involves a fixed fee, which means that we can offer discounted rates, consistent support, and a personalised service to your system. We offer remote and on-site assistance to you, based on the number of weekly hours that you pay for. Managed IT packages ensure that IT support is proactive. It includes monitoring your system for possible faults, and preventing them.

Managed IT Services are for businesses that need consistent support, week by week. Most suited to medium and large sized businesses, the Managed IT package includes huge benefits for those who need it. With this package, you get your own personal network engineer, as well as the entire support team at Total Solutions IT. At a fixed monthly rate, you can ensure that our services are proactive, as well as responsive.

The Benefits

Managed IT Services are most suited to medium sized and large businesses with multiple sites and a large number of computers, servers, and other devices.

  • Total Piece of Mind

    You can rest easy knowing that a technician is periodically monitoring your infrastructure.

  • Local Support

    Our team is located in Albury Wodonga, and services all nearby areas including the Indigo Shire.

  • End-To-End Services

    The service covers all aspects of your system, including POS, Telecomms, IT, and Cloud Services.

The Features

Managed IT Support is a pre-paid service that ensures you always have a technician working on your network. The cost per hour is significantly lower, and is a flat rate for both on-site and remote support.

  • Inventory Management

    Your network and hardware is mapped out in an updated inventory, so that all members of our team know exactly how your system is configured.

  • Managed Servers

    Monthly server maintenance is included in the fixed price. This ensures that your servers are always in top shape.

  • Managed Networks

    Your network is monitored for potential problems and our team is alerted when there is a possible issue.

  • Managed Devices

    We install monitoring tools on your workstations which tell us their health and status on the network.

  • Health Reports

    We check: CPU usage, RAM availability, Connectivity, System uptime, Virus reports, Backup status and success, Virtual machine health, Error logs, and Best practice analysis.

  • Reconfiguration

    When we take over a new infrastructure, we use up as much time as possible re-configuring your infrastructure and optimising your system.

  • Personalised Service

    You get a single network engineer who knows your system back-to-front. You also have supplement support from our entire support technician team.

  • Monthly Reporting

    We prepare reports for you about the health of your system, as well as recommendations for changes and upgrades.


Total Solutions IT uses leading-edge technologies and infrastructure to deliver a quality service to our clients. This enables us to deliver high-performing, reliable, and secure solutions.

Our on-demand support team is reactive, knowledgeable, and ready to help at any time of the day. We offer 24/7 support for all of our clients. Our managed-it team also works to ensure that your systems are running at 100% and any problems are anticipated and dealt with before they happen.

We can ensure that your systems are always available to you by offering desktop and laptop repair at low cost. We understand that a system failure should not get in the way of your productivity.

Our team of network engineers and support technicians know how your system works. When there is a problem on your network, or with your servers, we can get you back up to speed in no time. Existing systems are also catered for by our team, and we work hard to optimise your network and server infrastructure for your business needs.