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We offer on-demand Desktop and Laptop repair for our clients. Whether your computer is running slow, your hard drive has crashed, or you have lost data, we can get you back up and running. Our team is proficient in Windows, Mac OS X and Linux systems. If your computer is not running how it should be, we can help

Is your computer running slow? Does it need an upgrade? Total Solutions IT has been assisting customers in the Albury/Wodonga and surrounding area since 2010 – we can help you.

The Benefits

Using Total Solutions IT for your desktop and laptop repairs has the following benefits:

  • Qualified Technicians

    All of our team members are highly qualified, and understand exactly how your system works.

  • Local Support

    We are able to pick up/drop off your computer from any of the areas around Albury and Wodonga.

  • Fast Turn-Around

    We do our best to get your computer back to you as soon as possible. Most often, we can get it back in a day.

  • Extensive Stock

    We have an extensive collection of parts and products, so that if a hard drive or graphics card needs replacing, we usually will not have to order it, which means you get your device back sooner.

The Features

Using Total Solutions IT for your desktop and laptop repairs has the following benefits:

  • Same Day Service

    If your computer requires a re-image and data transfer, we can return your device to you within a day.

  • Data Recovery

    Accidentally deleted files can be recovered with the right tools.

  • Recover OS Partition

    If your operating system has become corrupted, we can restore full functionality.

  • Hardware Replacement

    We can upgrade and replace parts that are faulty.

  • Peripherals Installation

    Printers, scanners, and other specialty devices can be installed with working drivers.


Total Solutions IT uses leading-edge technologies and infrastructure to deliver a quality service to our clients. This enables us to deliver high-performing, reliable, and secure solutions.

Our on-demand support team is reactive, knowledgeable, and ready to help at any time of the day. We offer 24/7 support for all of our clients. Our managed-it team also works to ensure that your systems are running at 100% and any problems are anticipated and dealt with before they happen.

We can ensure that your systems are always available to you by offering desktop and laptop repair at low cost. We understand that a system failure should not get in the way of your productivity.

Our team of network engineers and support technicians know how your system works. When there is a problem on your network, or with your servers, we can get you back up to speed in no time. Existing systems are also catered for by our team, and we work hard to optimise your network and server infrastructure for your business needs.