Vodia telephony.

A business phone number remains an essential tool, and Vodia PBX modernizes the phone system for today’s workplace, catering to the needs of contemporary companies where seamless communication, both internally and externally, is vital.


No hardware maintenance, no out-dated software, just internet dependent.

SIP trunking.

Connect your cloud PBX with the public telephony network.

Cost effective.

Optimized resource allocation means cost savings for businesses of all sizes.


Easily adapts to various communication needs, integrating and customizing smoothly.

Feature overview.


Users connect to Vodia PBX through extensions, each supporting multiple devices that ring together for incoming calls, allowing users to choose their preferred device. Extensions offer customizable features like working hours, do-not-disturb mode, time zone, language, ringtone, address book and more.


Extensions include a mailbox for callers to leave messages, which can be shared, forwarded, and commented on by users. The PBX can handle FAX messages, forwarding them to the user’s email, and sending FAX messages from the user’s interface. Additionally, the PBX can use the Google speech API to convert messages into text and send previews to the user’s cell phone.

Auto Attendant

The auto attendant guides callers to the correct contact by allowing them to enter extensions or search the company directory by name. It offers various call redirection options based on call time and allows for different announcements. Additionally, there are ready-made announcements for quickly directing callers to departments like sales or support.


Basic hunt groups ring a list of extensions and escalate calls according to straightforward time rules. These groups can have unique ring tones and display their name on phones, making it clear which group is being called. If needed, users can also be reached on their cell phones when a call reaches a hunt group.

Call Center

Vodia PBX provides advanced call handling with agent groups for high call volumes, queue management, and sequential distribution. Announcements and music can play while callers wait, and users can opt for a call back instead of holding. Virtual offices get individual DIDs with custom names and announcements.


Vodia PBX allows for spontaneous or scheduled multi-party conference calls by mixing audio channels. When scheduling a conference, the PBX sends calendar invites and can even dial in participants if necessary. Quick conferences can start when a participant calls into the conference room.

VoIP Phones

Vodia PBX easily works with many VoIP phones, ensuring secure communication. It simplifies button customization and helps with branding using background images and ringtones.

SIP Trunking

SIP trunks link the PBX to the global telephony network, and setting them up is usually straightforward, often requiring just a username and password for configuration. Phone numbers can be allocated to accounts for managing both incoming and outgoing calls.