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Cyber Security defence for your business

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) form the backbone of the Australian economy and play a crucial role in the supply chain. However, in today’s digital era, this significance also brings challenges. SMEs are increasingly targeted by malicious actors due to a fiercely competitive market and limited budgets for security measures, unlike larger corporations.

Enabling and configuring Web content filtering in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE)

Web content filtering is part of the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint solution and is fully integrated with the web protection capabilities. Customers can directly activate web content filtering without any more cost, budget, hardware, or extra licensing.

How to Configure the Office 365 Audit Log

Office 365 audit logs help you track admin and user activity, including who’s accessing, viewing or moving specific documents and how resources are being used. These logs are essential for investigating security incidents and demonstrating compliance.

Verify your SPF,DKIM & DMARC records

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) is an email security standard that helps detect whether messages are altered in transit between sending and receiving mailservers.

CodeTwo: Centrally manage email signatures for Microsoft 365

One aspect of email messages, historically stuck in the "dark ages," is the email signature. Traditional email signatures often come through with blocked images or

Guide to Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Ensuring the smooth operation of a business is a top priority for every enterprise. For those embarking on establishing a medical practice, anticipating potential disruptions in daily operations is crucial

Why Server Maintenance is Crucial for Healthcare IT Infrastructure?

The healthcare industry relies heavily on technology to deliver quality care. From electronic medical records

Comparing enabled and enforced MFA in Microsoft 365

When managing Microsoft 365 authentication, IT admins may encounter the distinction between enabled and enforced MFA. Find out what those terms mean.

How to set up MFA for an organization’s Microsoft 365

In an ever-changing security landscape, organizations need to protect their data from falling into the wrong hands, and one way to secure critical data and files is to bolster authentication settings

What are the Microsoft 365 password requirements?

When it comes to Microsoft 365 security, one of Microsoft's top best practices is to enable multifactor authentication.

Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Standard and Premium: A Quick Guide on Features and Comparison

Microsoft 365 encompasses a suite of cloud-based productivity tools crafted by Microsoft, granting users access to a diverse array of applications, tools, and services. Designed to enhance productivity, foster collaboration, and bolster security, Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive solution for businesses.

Using Microsoft Secure Score to improve your security posture

Microsoft Secure Score is a threat and vulnerability management tool within Microsoft 365 that measures and monitors your security posture.