Ericsson LG iPECS Phone System

The Ericsson-LG iPECS and eMG100 phone systems are so popular because they're feature rich but still maintain the ease of use that the LG brand is synonymous with. Your staff can learn the system in just minutes and you don't need a PhD to operate any of the Ericsson-LG handsets. For more detailed information about the various Ericsson-LG phone systems on offer please read below.

Ericsson-LG LDP-9208D – Phone Handset (basic model)

The LDP-9208D is a basic handset of the iPECS 9200 series. This handset is a cost-effective model belonging to the LDP-9200 range, offering affordability with the simpler level handset. The key differences between the basic and advanced models are that the LDP-9208D has LCD without backlight, 8 flexible buttons and a half-duplex speakerphone, whereas the LDP-9240D has a backlit LCD, 12 flexible buttons and a full duplex .

Another difference between the LDP-9208D and LDP-9240D is that this more modest model uses Narrowband Audio. The more advanced models use Wideband Audio. Narrowband is the more traditional audio system, whereas Wideband is often known as ‘HD voice’. Wideband Audio is the more sophisticated and refined technology, as it results in clearer, more defined sound. However, the Narrowband Audio of the LDP-2908D makes this a great affordable model of the LDP-9200 series.

Many clients have found this handset to be very user-friendly with the buttons easily navigated and locatable- the number/keypad to the left, and features such as transfer, headset, directory etc. to the right.

In addition to being easy to use, the LDP-9208D is simple to install and maintain. As with all iPECS 9200 series handsets, the LDP-9208D model uses Web Manager Install Wizard to provide simple steps for easy installation. Furthermore, the handset uses a sophisticated HTML5 based Web Admin – a computerised maintenance management system. So, the LDP-9208D is both simple to install and simple to maintain, as supported by our clients who use this handset.

The LDP-9208D has 8 programmable features. With these programmable features you can manage the following:

  • Centralised Attendant/Voicemail
  • Web Call Back
  • Green Power Save
  • Mobile Extension
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Email Notification

With the 8 programmable feature keys with dual LED, and 2 line 24 character LCD, the LDP-9208D has been designed logically and efficiently. Alongside all of the basic features such as Caller Id, Hold, etc., and the more advanced functions which include Auto Attendant with both mobile and email notification, this handset model is rich with both features and applications. The LDP-9208D also supports SIP trunking, multi-site networking and remote connectivity.

We have found that the LDP-9208D is perfect for growing businesses who want the progressive technology of the 9200 series but at a smaller cost. Of course, there is a reduced functionality compared to the more advanced model, but this handset is a great starting point for a developing business. Any business could start with just a few users and easily grow to over 100 users using this handset on the iPECS eMG80.