Ericsson LG iPECS Phone System

The Ericsson-LG iPECS and eMG100 phone systems are so popular because they're feature rich but still maintain the ease of use that the LG brand is synonymous with. Your staff can learn the system in just minutes and you don't need a PhD to operate any of the Ericsson-LG handsets. For more detailed information about the various Ericsson-LG phone systems on offer please read below.

iPECS Applications

iPECS UCS (Unified Communication Solution)

Ericsson-LG’s UCS is an application which provides single point of communication customised for the SME environment. Businesses are getting more and more demanding and require multimedia communication and seamless connections.

iPECS CCS (Contact Centre Suite)

iPECS CCS is a smart contact centre solution for SMEs, that integrates with the iPECS range of solutions. It is a modular solution that allows you to select the features you need and easily add the other features if and when required.

iPECS Report Plus

iPECS Report Plus is a dynamic reporting tool that enables better analysis and quicker decision making for small and medium sized businesses. It provides real-time monitoring, historical reporting and call accounting.

iPECS ClickCall

iPECS ClickCall is a smart application used to make communications simpler and easier when working with a PC.

All you need to do is highlight a telephone number from any Window application such as web site, Windows document or application running on your PC, click and your iPECS handset dials the number. No more memorising phone numbers, no more dialling wrong numbers by mistake, you can now quickly and easily dial telephone numbers from your PC.

iPECS Attendant

IP Attendant is a software application designed to enhance the attendant feature by visualising the IP Attendant call handling and control functions. IP Attendant works in conjunction with the Attendant’s IP phone providing enhanced attendant feature and efficiency. The user interfaces with the IP Attendant screen, using the mouse (point and click) or programmable ‘Hot Keys’ to select features and functions available.

iPECS IPCR (IP Call Recording)

iPECS IP Call Recording(IPCR) is a call recording and monitoring solution tightly integrated with iPECS Call Servers optimised for small and medium sized offices and contact centers. IPCR is designed as a simple and cost effective solution, while it delivers powerful value added features. iPECS IPCR can meet the needs of robust call recording to ensure regulatory compliance and quality management.

iPECS NMS (Network Management Solution)

iPECS NMS is a powerful web based network management tool designed for the Small and Medium Business to improve staff efficiency, permit rapid response to system alarms and optimise system resources with remote access to usage statistics and automated alarm notification. iPECS NMS monitors registered systems in real-time to deliver fault and alarm event statistics.