Boost your coverage.

There’s nothing more frustrating than struggling to find cell phone reception, especially during important calls. While there are numerous options out there, Total Solutions IT offers the remedy: a mobile network repeater.

Cel-Fi is an intelligent signal amplifier engineered to eradicate indoor dead zones and enhance 4G and 5G voice and data reception on mobile phones. Our team comprises specialists in mobile network repeaters, who have earned the trust of residents in NSW and VIC over the years, ensuring optimal reception.

State of the art.

Supporting configurations that are perfect for small to medium-sized buildings, operator approved, unconditionally network safe, and offers the flexibility to support various 2G/3G/4G and 5G cellular networks:

  • Keeping customers and families connected.

    Whether you’re a business proprietor aiming to enhance connectivity for both customers and staff, or reside in a rural location requiring signal amplification at home, Cel-Fi simplifies the process of outfitting your premises with dependable coverage.

  • Nextivity WAVE app.

    The Nextivity WAVE App allows you to choose and enhance your preferred operator signal via Bluetooth® connection. Switching carriers is effortless and instantaneous.

Let’s talk Cel-Fi.

How does it work?

Often called mobile boosters, a repeater is designed to detect and amplify a weak 3G, 4G, or 5G signal, allowing it to be rebroadcast at full strength throughout the building. It is the most effective way to improve mobile voice and data services.

How is the range impacted?

The Cel-Fi range of repeaters take a weak cellular signal and add up to 100 dB of boost which can be output inside the house or distributed throughout a building using one or many antennas.

How can we trust your product?

Powertec is also the largest developer of Off-Air Repeater systems, leading in-building coverage projects across Australia and New Zealand which are installed using our specialist employees.

What type of industries are supported?

Powertec specialises in the development of creative and unusual repeater systems for our clients in mining, energy, and defence, along with long range relay systems for isolated farms and communities.

Solutions for every situation.


Powered by Powertec.

The Cel-Fi GO series are a type of inline repeater that picks up weak signal from an external antenna and rebroadcasts it at full strength from its service antenna.

  • Dual band.

    This means the unit can be set to boost 3G and 4G simultaneously, or boost two 4G channels to support faster speeds through carrier aggregation.

  • Carrier switching.

    Allowing the unit to be changed instantly between Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone networks. This makes GO4 the first ‘unlocked’ repeater of its kind.

  • More power.

    The unit has an output power of +20 dBm, an increase from +16 dBm with the previous GO models. That’s an incredible 250% increase in output power.


Powered by Powertec.

Experience unmatched 5G connectivity with Nextivity GO G51 Stationary Repeater! Boost both 4G and 5G signals indoors with up to 100 dB signal gain.

  • Incredible coverage and carrier switching.

    This compact, user-friendly repeater covers up to 3000 m2 and supports carrier switching.

  • Better, faster, stronger.

    Powered by the latest 4th generation industry-leading Nextivity proprietary IntelliBoost chip.

  • Ideal mobile signal boosting.

    Large homes, commercial buildings, government, medical, nursing, underground parking, warehousing and more!


Powered by Powertec.

Tailored for nomadic use, this plug-and-play solution guarantees uninterrupted voice and data transmission, whether you’re on a road trip, boat adventure, or managing a fleet.

  • Extend your coverage.

    Improve 3G, 4G, and 5G DSS in your car, boat, fleet or any roaming vehicle!

  • Carrier switching.

    Approved by the carriers to boost their signal, select which operator signal to boost and easily change whenever you want via the WAVE App.

  • Plug and play.

    Quick and easy set up for enhancing connectivity in minutes, no manual configuration needed.