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Who is responsible for what?

“NBN frequently asked questions” from the Australian Government Department of Infrastructure (January, 2023)

NBN Co is a Government Business Enterprise. It is responsible for rolling out the NBN on a wholesale-only, open-access basis, which means it is a wholesaler and does not supply retail services directly to the public. NBN Co’s role is to provide the underlying infrastructure and wholesale products that are the building blocks upon which telecommunications companies develop retail products to offer to consumers.

Once the network rollout has been completed and activated in an area, consumers are able to place an order for a service through a phone or internet provider.

Providers are responsible for:

  • offering retail products and services to the consumer
  • placing orders directly with NBN Co for a service over the network
  • reporting to NBN Co any network-related issues the consumer is experiencing with the installation process
  • informing the consumer of progress and/or delays relating to the installation
  • dealing with billing or account management inquiries from the consumer.

If you have any questions or concerns about your service, your best point of contact is your phone and internet provider who has a direct relationship with NBN Co and is best placed to resolve any issues.

The Migration Assurance Framework was developed in close collaboration with industry. It sets out the principles for industry that guide the process for switching to the NBN and the agreed roles and responsibilities of all industry parties for a seamless service transition to an NBN service. Industry parties have agreed to apply the framework and work together to safeguard continuity of service.

Our typical services.

Our range of plans combines high-speed connectivity with flexibility, providing options suitable for every household or business. With reliable performance, competitive pricing, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we aim to provide fast, reliable, and affordable internet services.

NBN 50/20

  • 50mbps download*
  • FTTP/FTTN/FTTC supported
  • 20mbps upload*
  • Add static IP address

*Typical evening speed.

NBN 100/40

  • 100mbps download*
  • FTTP/FTTN/FTTC supported
  • 40mbps upload*
  • Add static IP address

*Typical evening speed.

NBN 250/25

  • 250mbps download*
  • FTTP/FTTN/FTTC supported
  • 25mbps upload*
  • Add static IP address

*Typical evening speed.