Medical and fertility.

IT services are essential for the medical industry, helping to manage patient records, improve communication between healthcare providers, and ensure compliance with regulations. These services make it easier for doctors and nurses to access medical information and collaborate effectively. They allow for the integration of advanced technologies and software like RxWorks, Genie Solutions, Dentrix and others which can help improve patient care.

Support for your medical software.

A focus on your specific needs.

Delivering specialized IT support for your practice by integrating technologies like RxWorks, Genie Solutions, Dentrix, providing trust for medical and fertility services.

Security orientated.

Our I.T support is laser-focused on security, implementing advanced measures to protect your data with continuous monitoring, updates, and rigorous access controls.

24/7 support.

Uninterrupted 24/7 IT support ensures seamless operations for the medical and fertility industries, providing round-the-clock assistance whenever it’s needed.

Proven experience.

Count on our expertise to seamlessly integrate and manage your medical technology, ensuring efficiency and security in every aspect of your practice.

Software specialisation.

Count on us to seamlessly integrate, troubleshoot, and support medical software, ensuring that your technology not only meets but exceeds the demands of your medical operations. Whether you have onsite or cloud-based infrastructure, your technological backbone is in capable hands with our seasoned I.T support team.

Genie Solutions, RxWorks software experience
HICAPS integration and configuration
Dentrix, MedicalDirector support

We understand the critical role software plays in the efficiency of your practice.

Government compliance.

Our I.T support prioritizes compliance with the ASD’s Essential Eight cybersecurity principles. We focus on implementing and maintaining security measures, such as user application control and secure network configurations, to create a resilient and compliant digital environment for your organization.