Healthcare IT Support

Case Study


With no technical staff in the business, this medical organization teamed up with Total Solutions IT to manage their technology in 2010. At that time, they were using a DOS-based medical practice application, and the medical records were paper. This required a lot of scanning, faxing, and transferring of paper files via carrier. This process was not ideal and was hindering the organization’s proficiencies.

When the organization came on as a client, only a handful of employees had email, and those that did were using personal email accounts for the business. This caused a lot of security, efficiency, and compliance challenges for the organization.


The initial collaboration between Total Solutions IT and the client aimed to implement a Small Business Server (SBS), which involved upgrading the medical practice application to a Windows-based platform. The SBS server not only introduced domain-based email but also facilitated file storage and sharing. To ensure a seamless transition, TSIT closely collaborated with the software provider during this process.

Following that, Total Solutions IT extended its efforts by setting up computers and infrastructure across the client’s 25 remote offices. This setup supported functions such as email, scan-to-email, and file sharing with the central headquarters. Prior to this, all data was conveyed through scanning and faxing or physical transport to the headquarters.

Furthermore, Total Solutions IT took charge of backup and disaster recovery, as well as the monitoring and upkeep of the server, workstations, and overall infrastructure in the environment.

As the medical practice software progressed over time and data storage expanded, Total Solutions IT migrated the client to a virtualized setup and transitioned them to Office 365 for email services.

Throughout the course of our partnership, Total Solutions IT has offered Service Desk support as required for both the headquarters and all 25 remote offices.

When the COVID-19 pandemic emerged last spring, Total Solutions IT played a vital role in facilitating the client’s remote work capability. This was achieved by transitioning them to Microsoft’s Azure environment, enabling convenient and secure file sharing. Additionally, the medical practice application was shifted to the cloud-based solution provided by the software vendor, enabling the business to swiftly adapt to the new work-from-home mandate.


Collaborating with Total Solutions IT enabled the organization to optimize technology utilization in a manner that aligned more effectively with their objectives. Total Solutions IT consistently engages in strategic discussions and interactions with the client’s Practice Manager to aid them in continually harnessing technology for the enhancement of the organization’s technological practices.

Total Solutions IT maintains its commitment to providing support and upkeep for the client’s infrastructure, spanning across 25 remote office sites, through its Confidence Plus Managed IT Services.