Virtual Desktop Infrastructure


Today’s employees are no longer limited to working from one computer in one location. They expect to be able to use all types of devices to access business applications from anywhere at any time.

In this new mobile cloud world, using traditional PC-centric tools to manage multiple mobile devices can be difficult for IT departments.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) helps organizations ease management requirements and meet mobility requests by providing a new streamlined approach to deliver, protect, and manage desktops and applications from a single location.

A few reasons to consider VDI:

  • While a traditional hosted environment is often shared and commoditized, VDI is customized to your specific needs and hosted in your own private environment, ensuring high levels of performance and availability.
  • Virtual Machines rely less on the horsepower of the end-user devices themselves, thus significantly driving down costs either by extending the life span of your existing PCs by replacing PCs with more affordable thin/zero clients.
  • The simplified management model of VDI further drives down your total IT costs by enabling your technology and IT staff to work more efficiently by consolidating control, automating delivery, and protecting user compute resources.
  • VDI can empower employees to be more productive by improving desktop reliability and enabling a consistently great experience across devices, locations, media, and connections, reducing downtime and limiting the need to contact tech support.
  • Reduces inherent security risks to an organization by leveraging secure, compliant data centers.
  • Disaster recovery is significantly simplified because virtual desktops that are out of compliance can be effortlessly reverted back to their last known good states. Data backup is improved because data resides entirely within the data center.

Is VDI for you?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions VDI might a good fit for you!

  • Are you tired of your slow hosted solution?
  • Are you tired of unexplained outages and downtime?
  • Are you tired of a lag in performance?
  • Are you tired of not getting clear-cut answers from your IT provider as to why there are outages and why things break?
  • Do you have a need for customized technology?
  • Do you have “power users” with heavy usage requirements?
  • Do you require standardization across workstations?
  • Do you require provisioning of different resources to different users?

Total Solutions IT: A Partner You Can Trust

Total Solutions IT personalized touch and end-to-end support ensures the ongoing success of your VDI solution

A certified VMware Enterprise Solution provider, Total Solutions IT retains the technical expertise and business acumen to provide you with a VDI solution to meet your budgetary and performance goals.

Working with Total Solutions IT for your VDI initiative means you enjoy:

  • No hardware or maintenance fees
  • Built-in 24 hour local support
  • A fully managed, turnkey solution
  • Dedicated  VMware certified architects
  • Consistent, high-performance end-user experience on any device at anytime and anywhere
  • A company that truly understands every aspect of your business goals, policies and support procedures
  • An unyielding commitment to providing the best technology and services possible