Cloud Integration


The benefits of the cloud are not limited to organizations that wish to be entirely free of an in-house IT infrastructure. The cloud is the perfect complement to your own data center.  Integrating your data center to cloud resources allows you to add features like site resiliency, high availability, and disaster recovery (to name a few) to your existing IT Infrastructure.

From remote backup to pristine data recovery, we have the solutions and services to keep a watchful eye on your cloud environment to ensure secure protection and peace of mind.

Cloud Integration Offerings Include:

  • Remote Backup
  • Disaster Recovery (DR)
  • Remote Data Storage for site resiliency and redundancy
  • High Availability options for SQL, Exchange, and other applications
  • And many more solutions tailored to fit your organization’s needs

Total Solutions IT has 10 years of experience helping companies and organizations harness the technology that takes them to new heights. Take your organization to the cloud.