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Remove the payment barriers with Afterpay

At Total Solutions IT we are about giving you the tools and services, to maximise your online sales. By providing your customers easy interest-free instalment plans, the are likely to finalise checkouts.  They pay over time, you get paid straight away.

Easier payment method

With the quick rise in popularity, Afterpay will give your website an even easier and more convenient way for your online shoppers to complete their transactions.

Increase online conversions

Breaking down the cost of items and carts into quarterly payments, will give shoppers the chance to see more affordable transactions to suit their budgets.

How Afterpay works for your consumers

Consumers pay for their purchases over four simple instalments

Your customers pay for their purchase over four equal instalments, due every two weeks.

Your customer pay nothing extra

If you make repayments on time, you’ll only ever pay the price of the item you’ve purchased. The only fees Afterpay charges are late fees for missed payments.

Consumers get instant approval online

Don’t worry about long, complicated application forms, Afterpay makes it quick and easy to get your consumers approved instantly and keeps them shopping.