New Business Phone Systems

Total Solutions IT is your one stop shop for new phone systems. Whether you’re looking for your first small business phone system or a national rollout deploying the latest VoIP technology we have the expertise to make it simple, on time and on budget.


Enterprise SIP Trunks for IP Enabled Phone Systems

VOIP SIP Trunking

Total Solutions IT SIP Trunking is designed to replace legacy ISDN and PSTN services. By pairing this service up with an appropriate phone system and NBN Internet service it will show off the best features the NBN network in Australia brings to Business.

Some of the available features of SIP Trunking include

  • Automatic Failover

    if your phone system or internet service goes offline, calls will be routed to a pre-determined number automatically.

  • 100 number in-dial range

    allows for numbers to be assigned to individual internal handsets

  • 2-9 concurrent Calls

    Adjust number of con-current channels on a monthly basis, when you need it.

  • External Call Transfer

    Enable you to transfer calls to Mobile’s and other external numbers


$20/month inc GST
per channel

Calls are charged only for what you use
Competitive rates

Single in-dial number included
Australian based support

Accessible over the Internet, or
Private Network

Number porting and hosting at extra cost
2 channel minimum

SIP Trunk setup fee $50 ex GST
Minimum cost $40 inc GST


$50 inc GST per Channel
2-9 Concurrent Calls/Channel’s

$50 inc GST per SIP Trunk

Minimum two SIP Trunks

SIP Trunk setup fee $50 inc GST
Minimum cost $100 inc GST per month

Single in-dial number included
Australian based support

Accessible over the Internet, or
Private Network

Number porting and hosting at extra cost
2 channel minimum

Local Calls = Included
National Calls = Included
Mobile Calls = Included
13/1300 Calls = 35c per call
$50 per channel per month (Min. 2 channels)

Reduce Your Phone Bill

Voice over IP offers reduced call rates and capped price calling plans to reduce your phone bill.

Keep Your Existing Phone Number

Total Solutions IT has porting arrangements with all Australian service providers so that you can bring your number with you.

Enterprise SIP Network

Our enterprise SIP network is built for business. Spanning 4 datacentres with carrier redundancy, we’ll keep your calls flowing.

Maintain Business Continuity

If your office is offline due to power fault, internet issues or phone system failure, we can forward your calls to another location.

Scaleable as you Grow

You can increase or decrease the number of lines quickly, and in much less time than traditional ISDN services.

Geographic Numbers

Numbers from any Australian Area or even from an Inernational location.


VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol” and it is a more flexible and modern solution to traditional landline phones.

With VoIP, you don’t need the physical infrastructure or any wiring to get it running. The service works by transmitting and receiving sound through the internet. The only infrastructure required to run your VoIP phone is a reliable internet connection.

PBX stands for “Private Branch Exchange”, which is a private telephone network used within a company or organisation.

We offer Cloud PBX (also known as Hosted PBX or Virtual PBX), and it is the next evolution in PBX technology.

Cloud PBX does not require a physical unit or any clunky infrastructure or switchboards in your premises. It allows you to manage your phone systems instantly over the internet.

Once the port request is lodged, it can take anywhere between 2 to 12 weeks (depending on your previous carrier) to transfer.  Until the port-over request is accepted from your previous Telco, your services will still be connected to them.

If anything goes wrong with either your PABX or SIP services, please call Total Solutions IT on 02 6061 4222 or email [email protected]

Optional: NBN link dedicated to TSIT SIP Trunks; unlimited data, can only access TSIT SIP, from $80/month.