Ericsson LG iPECS Phone System

The Ericsson-LG iPECS and eMG100 phone systems are so popular because they're feature rich but still maintain the ease of use that the LG brand is synonymous with. Your staff can learn the system in just minutes and you don't need a PhD to operate any of the Ericsson-LG handsets. For more detailed information about the various Ericsson-LG phone systems on offer please read below.

Ericsson-LG LIP-9071 iPECS iP Handset

The LIP-9071 is a game-changing, advanced level handset that can change the way your business operates. The major difference between the LIP-9071 and many other handsets is that the LIP-9071 incorporates a 7 inch LCD Touch Screen, HD quality audio and video, media player, Bluetooth, built-in camera and so much more. Our customers have found that this advanced handset not only provides a more effective working environment by improving productivity but also enables them to communicate with others like they never have before.

This incredible handset employs the iPKTS Protocol standards to control and manage real-time communications, and the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) allows the LIP-9071 to be installed on various third-party call/app servers, providing varied SIP features. Therefore, the HD quality video and voice calls can be conducted at a reduced price, worldwide, through SIP technology.

Other key benefits of the LIP-9071 appreciated by our customers (and ourselves!) are the 3-way audio conference, Wi-Fi dongle support, Multimedia Caller ID, built-in HDMI interface and 3rd party Android applications.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable ringing
  • Volume Control
  • Call forwarding
  • Call History (up to 500)
  • Call park/ pickup/ timer/ waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Conference
  • Transfer
  • DND
  • Group call pickup
  • Intercom
  • Redial
  • Message Waiting
  • Distinctive Ringing
  • Personal Directory (up to 2000)
  • 17 built-in applications

Despite the enormous number of features- both fixed and programmable- we have found the LIP-9071 to be extremely user-friendly. The bottom half of the handset is taken up by keys- a number pad sitting in the centre, with fixed feature keys either side. Above this sits the large LCD touchscreen. The camera and LED buttons sit above this. From the touch menu, you can access contacts, call log, settings, call setting, gallery, camera, clock, calendar and more. Although it may seem confusing at first, there is an extensive user manual, and once they have experimented with the system the operator will find using the LIP-9071 to be a breeze.

One aspect of the LIP-9071 that our customers have found especially beneficial is that this handset can be integrated with existing iPECS systems. The systems that the LIP-9071 is optimised for are the iPECS UPC, iPECS eMG800 and iPECS eMG80. As a result of this, the LIP-9071 terminal can be added to an existing communications service to improve business productivity.

Furthermore, the LIP-9071 features NFC tagging. NFC- or Near Field Communication- is an up-close and personal type of wireless. NFC tagging creates a smart office environment, making data sharing simple with this smartphone.

Due to the large number of applications and features, we have deemed the LIP-9071 to be most suited to high-level positions such as CEOs, Directors and Managers. Yet is is also incredibly beneficial for general offices, and also receptionist and personal assistants- who would be able to access all modes of communication from this specialised handset.