Ericsson LG iPECS Phone System

The Ericsson-LG iPECS and eMG100 phone systems are so popular because they're feature rich but still maintain the ease of use that the LG brand is synonymous with. Your staff can learn the system in just minutes and you don't need a PhD to operate any of the Ericsson-LG handsets. For more detailed information about the various Ericsson-LG phone systems on offer please read below.

Ericsson-LG LIP-9010 iPECS IP Handset

The iPECS LG LIP-9000 series has a variety of handsets with different levels of functionality, and the LIP-9010 is a basic model within the collection. The handset is more advanced than the LIP-9002 and LIP-9008-with it’s backlit, grayscale graphic; yet more simple than the colour graphic of the LIP-9040C. The LIP-9010 has 5 programmable features- whereas the lowest number of programmable features within the LIP-9000 series is 4, the highest 36. However, what ourselves (and indeed our customers) have found to be the key differences between the LIP-9010 and the simpler handsets are that the LIP-9010 has a full-duplex speaker, Bluetooth capability and EHSA. The Electronic Hook Switch Adaptor is a key component, allowing the handset to electronically connect a wireless headset and phone and switch between these two at the push of a button.

Along with the full duplex speaker, the LIP-9010 also uses Wideband Audio. This combination of Wideband Audio and full duplex makes for clearer, more comprehensive audio than the half-duplex, Narrowband Audio of the LIP-9002. Narrowband is the more traditional audio system, whereas Wideband is often known as ‘HD voice’, and full duplex allows simultaneous speech and eliminates echo effect. Customers have reported that the more refined Wideband Audio results in clearer, more defined sound, which they find crucial to business and conference calls.

We have found the layout of the handset itself to be logical and coherent. To the left you have the number/keypad, underneath this are the speaker, volume and mute buttons, to the right is the navigation key and 8 fixed feature buttons, then in a strip horizontally above all of the keys are the 5 programmable feature keys. The ease of the LIP-9010 is further demonstrated by the straight-forward two-page user-manual which outlines each button and feature and how to use them.

The fixed features that are on this handset are as follows:

  • Menu
  • Transfer
  • Directory
  • Speed
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Message
  • Hold
  • Headset
  • Mute
  • Speakerphone
  • Volume Control
  • Call Log

With the programmable buttons, you can program a flex key to dial a certain extension or outside line, answer a call to another extension, pre-programme a conference call key and more.

Having examined and used the LIP-9010, we have found that this handset is best suited to small offices, remote workers and hot desks. With the fixed and programmable features, the LIP-9010 is sound in design and use. The handset offers the simplicity of having only five flex buttons and a grayscale graphic, yet the highest quality in sound with it’s Wideband Audio and full duplex speakerphone. Therefore, the LIP-9010 is perfect for those smaller offices in need of a lesser setup than large firms, yet still wanting the full functionality in terms of audio and wireless capability.