Server & Network Services

A computer network is a network that allows computers and servers to communicate with one another. For small to medium businesses, and especially large businesses, a stable and well-maintained data network is key to having an efficient and effective computer system.

Total Solutions IT has a team of qualified network engineers who work hard to ensure your network is allowing as much throughput as possible.

A server is a computer on a network that exists to consolidate functionality and serve it to other computers. Common uses for a server in a business environment include hosted Exchange, DNS, Active Directory, Policy Management, Applications Servers, Database Servers, Virtual Server Hosts, and Terminal Servers.

Total Solutions IT's team of support technicians are highly trained in Windows Server 2003, 2008, and 2012. We are able to set up a server system that maximises hardware and performs well for your business. We also can improve the functionality of an existing server, and maximise its usefulness.


Total Solutions IT specialise in upgrading network and server infrastructure. We are also highly experienced in server and network deployments and ongoing maintenance.

  • Highly Qualified:  Our network engineers have all the certifications required to service your server and network, including Cisco CCNA, and Microsoft Certifications.
  • Diverse Skills: Across our whole team, we have the skills to adequately manage all aspects of your system: network, hardware, server, virtualisation, Exchange, Active Directory, Terminal Services, File and Print Sharing, Hosted SharePoint, and much more.
  • Maximise Your Potential: A faster and more stable network and server infrastructure can increase business productivity. It will also open up new opportunities for providing a valuable service to your customers.

Total Solutions IT offer a number of services for your network and server architecture:

  • Audits: We can audit the health of your network. An inspection and professional report of your infrastructure can expose security flaws, areas that need improvement, opportunities for productivity growth, and faulty configurations or hardware.
  • Fixes and Upgrades: Based on an audit, we are able to upgrade your network to current standards. We can also fix security holes and faulty configurations.
  • Server Maintenance: Our popular monthly server maintenance package involves an audit of your system every month. We check CPU usage, RAM usage, Network usage, Disk health, scan for malware, check and test success of backups, Disk usage, Exchange mailbox size, and Install updates. You get a monthly report of your system's status.
  • Ongoing Support: After deploying your infrastructure, we are always available for On-Demand support to ensure that your system is running smoothly, and dealing with any issues.
  • Monitoring: As part of the Managed IT service, we can pro-actively monitor and detect problems that may occur, and prevent them before they happen.
  • Server Security: It is critical to have an appropriate off-site backup solution and an anti-malware solution on your server infrastructure. We can handle the deployment and maintenance of these services.