Cloud Services

Cloud computing offers businesses a host of benefits that are not possible (or very difficult) with regular IT systems. Essentially for businesses, cloud computing is the notion of hosting your infrastructure, software, or services off-site and where it can be accessed anywhere in the world.

A cloud solution may be applicable to your business if:

  • you don't have office space or would like to save the energy costs of hosting your own servers.
  • you would like to be able to continue your business processes in the event of a disaster (fire, theft, etc.)
  • you don't want to worry about implementing an off-site backup solution to protect your data, or enforcing physical security to protect your computers and data.
  • you would like to be able to work remotely with the same efficiency as in the office.

Total Solutions IT offers a number of cloud-based solutions to update your business to the latest evolution in computing.

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