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Business nbn
Remain productive without interruptions or slow downs.
Our Business nbn services come with advanced features to keep your business connected.


Perfect for medium to large businesses which rely on internet access.


  • Unlimited Data
  • 4 : 1 Contention
  • Enhanced SLA


23mbps Typical Business Hour


+ $299 Professional Setup
Min cost $3,395 over 24 months

Unlimited Data + 24/7 Support


45mbps Typical Business Hour


+ $299 Professional Setup
Min cost $3,875 over 24 months

Unlimited Data + 24/7 Support


94mbps Typical Business Hour


+ $299 Professional Setup
Min cost $5,075 over 24 months

Unlimited Data + 24/7 Support


230mbps Typical Business Hour


+ $299 Professional Setup
Min cost $11,075 over 24 months

Unlimited Data + 24/7 Support

Business Devices

Optional Extras

Premium Business Gateway – Included

Featuring VDSL2 technology as well as a Gigabit WAN port and 4G LTE connectivity, Our Business Router is an all-in-one triple play smart gateway that provides access to all nbn network configurations: FTTC, FTTN, FTTB and FTTP.

Static IP Address

/29 Subnet – $60/month

/30 Subnet – $30/month

Add additional static IP addresses to your service.

Having the same IP address every time you go on the internet means you can:

  • Connect to secure networks remotely which require access via a fixed IP.
  • Setup a VPN to access your network remotely.
  • Allow others to connect to your business network -such as for online gaming and file sharing.
  • Access security camera feeds remotely where those require a consistent IP address.

Things you need to know

An eSLA provides you with faster rectification of faults within our control, and a wider window of time during which these faults can be addressed.

An enhanced service-level agreement (SLA) is a commitment between a service provider and a client in regards to particular aspects of the service – primarily quality, availability and responsibilities.

To put it simply, ‘contention ratio’ refers to how many users are sharing an amount of network capacity.

A 4 : 1 ratio is great business grade broadband.

In comparison, most residential services are typically 50 : 1, or even higher.

Think of a 1 lane road, if the ratio is 50:1, you could have 50 cars all trying to drive on the road at the same time.

With a 4 : 1 ratio, theres only 4 cars, meaning you will experience less latency and higher throughput.

Yes, In order for our team to provide support for this service and maintain SLAs, no other router is to be used with this service.

You may request your device to be configured in passthrough mode (Eg. WAN address provided on LAN for connection of a Firewall Device)

Plan inclusions, prices and promotional offers advertised may not be available at all addresses. The service qualification address check is only a preliminary result of plans and prices available in your area. Please note that the result may vary, together with plans, prices and promotions available at your address, as we process your order and connection.

A speed tier speed is the theoretical maximum speed of the access line connecting your premises to the nbn™. The actual speeds you experience, particularly during busy periods, may be limited by demand in other parts of the network and will typically be much slower.

Typical Business Hour Speed is the average speed experienced by a representative group of users between the hours of 9am and 5pm. It is not a guaranteed minimum speed and past performance is not an indication of expected future speed. The actual speed you will experience depends on many factors such as your access technology, the total demand on the network, local internet traffic and your physical line condition.

Depending on the service ordered, there may be additional up-front charges which are not free and will be charged as per our Terms of Use. These charges include, but are not limited to, charges such as Phone Line Activation Fee or Copper Line Installation Charges, Lead-in or Additional Cabling, Equipment Charges such as Modems, Routers or Splitters, Missed Appointment Fees or any complex on site work required to provide a functional broadband service.

From 1 April 2016, NBNCo may charge a $300 new development fee for the cost of deploying network infrastructure to new premises or dwellings. This fee may be applied to each premises requiring a nbn™ connection. This includes, but is not limited to, new dwellings, lots under reconstruction, lots without any existing infrastructure, and buildings requiring a new mailing address. We will inform you upon signup if this fee may apply.